Planning Instruments for Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Kuld?ga

Jana Jākobsone


The development of the city has to be successive.
It is important to have a single idea of development that is in
harmony with the surrounding environment. The Development
Strategy of Kuld?ga is: “... to conserve its unique cultural
heritage – the complex of old town monument and nature…”,
as it is put in The Development Programme of Kuld?ga [1].
The task of development planning is to create a homogeneous
environment in the old town of Kuld?ga by providing economical
use of resources, respect for local traditions and good use of land.
The strategic and spatial planning should not only reinforce
homogeneity and expressiveness of the ensemble of Kuld?ga
historic centre, but also should better arrange functions of the
old town and increase its popularity. The historic centre together
with its cultural monuments and specific environment should
become a centre of representation, culture and recreation of
the town. In order to fulfil this task, it is necessary to work out
Development and Management Plan of the historic centre where
operational activities, finances, responsibility and monitoring
procedures are planned. It is necessary to involve the local
and international community to work out such a plan. It is
important to consolidate the opinion of protectors of the historic
environment and community on the tasks, means and solutions
to restoring the historic centre. Important factor that influences
preservation of cultural heritage is planning documents, and it is
determined at different levels of state and municipalities.

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DOI: 10.7250/aup.2011.005


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