The Development of Industry and Jaunliep?ja in the 19th Century

Silvija Ozola


During the 19th century, development of trade and
transportation in Liep?ja stimulated construction in the area on
the north of the trading canal. There were only 16 houses in this
territory in 1800 – mostly taverns or wayside inns, but in the late
19th century a well-designed territory that contained factories and
apartment buildings for workers was already created, and now
is known as Jaunliep?ja (New Liep?ja). The significance of the
industrial heritage in Jaunliep?ja has not been appreciated enough
so far, and the planning of factories and architecture has not been
studied in sufficient detail. After the devastating years of the Second
World War and the reconstruction projects during the Soviet era,
many 19th century industrial complexes are still well preserved in
Jaunliep?ja. Due to the changes in the economic system, the problem
of utilization and preservation of the industrial heritage has become
of great importance.

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DOI: 10.7250/aup.2011.004


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